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As a part of NicheLabs’ custom website design and niche website marketing services, you can buy domain registrations for your company’s website through NicheLabs.  A domain name (, for example) is foundational to a website, and is similar to a street address, indicating the exact location of your “residence” on the Internet.


Selecting the right name for your web address is an important factor in making your website a success.  As you build a new business, or plan your website, you should carefully select the name of the business and website domain name with a view to creating a competitive brand, and establishing brand recognition.  Typically, your company name is used as the domain name, but sometimes the name you want is already taken.  Or, you might want to take a more creative approach to domain name selection to be more competitive in the marketplace.


One of NicheLabs’ primary areas of expertise is creating niche websites. It is important to select a domain name that will offer online niche brand-building potential, and search engine optimization appeal.  Domain selection is one of the many ways we highlight your niche, and create a website that will command search engine attention.  As soon as you finalize the company or website name, it is critical to immediately reserve the domain name, so that no one else can reserve it before you do.  Once you know what name you would like to use, NicheLabs will verify that it is not registered to anyone else, and reliably buy the domain registration on your behalf.  At NicheLabs we know how important a good domain name is to your business.  We take the time to learn about your business, services and products; research alternative domain names; and secure the domains that are best for you.


Once we have purchased your domain, it’s yours for as long as you need it and keep the registration renewed.   When you register a domain, you do not gain legal ownership of it, but an exclusive right to its use for a set period of time.  Every domain name is unique and connected to a particular IP address, which directs other computers to the server host and domain. With this unique address, a website can be moved from one server location on the Internet to another as needed.


Let NicheLabs help you get your business website established by buying a domain registration for you that will compete on the search engines and identify your business as top notch!  Contact NicheLabs about domain registration today!

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