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Far gone are the days of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social networking sites only being populated by the MTV generation. Social networking has not only spilled over into the baby boomer generation but has also infiltrated corporate America.

The two biggest users in the world of Facebook are Starbucks (#1, just over 3.6 million fans) and Coca-Cola (#2 with just under 3.6 million fans). Starbucks recently grabbed the top spot from Coca-Cola with a strong push and addition of 200,000 new members in only a one week span. What was Coca-Cola's reaction to being knocked from the top spot? Coke sent out a company memo to all its employees urging them to not only join the brands page on Facebook but also recruit as well.

These social networking sites have allowed Fortune 500 companies to market and build brands to a highly captive audience. You ask, what is the cost of reaching 3 million of your brand supporters on a daily or even hourly basis? It cost these mega Fortune 500 companies absolutely nothing to market and interacts with brand loyalist. It is kind of ironic to think that some of the top marketing departments in the world, with all its resources and mega budgets choose to use a networking vehicle originally developed for college students to communicate and share their lives.

Why corporate America has adopted social networking media as a major vehicle of marketing:

  • Add fans and new members quickly (grow your brand and fan base with the click of a mouse)
  • Word of mouth marketing (Create a creative strategy or add on your page and people will talk)
  • Enhance customer service (Lenovo tech support calls have dropped 20% since adding Facebook)
  • Speak directly to the customer (New products can be introduced to loyalist first creating a buzz)
  • It's free (reach millions while only doing 5 minutes of work)

Niche Labs now offers Social Media Marketing as a new service to increase its client's traffic and revenue. Call today to get more information about a program tailored to meet your company's goals.

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