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In addition to the many excellent services NicheLabs offers, we stand ready to provide you with secure and reliable website hosting and email services. Here is how website hosting works: If your web pages were created and stored on your computer, in order for them to be accessed through the Internet, they need to be transferred to a dedicated space on a host, or server. They will then be available worldwide over the Internet. A host is a computer with an “always-on” high speed internet connection that has web files stored on it.


NicheLabs offers a wide variety of affordable website hosting and email packages at low monthly rates, including HTML files (web pages), graphics files, operating systems from Windows to Linux, and plenty of bandwidth and storage capacity. We also provide you with dedicated domains, multiple email addresses, SSL certificates, and payment processors. Call NicheLabs for a custom website hosting and email package price.


If you have ever lost valuable data from your computer, you know how frustrating and costly that can be to your business. NicheLabs strongly recommends that you back up your data on a frequent basis. To help you safeguard against the loss of information, NicheLabs provides a weekly backup service as part of our website hosting services. If necessary, we can restore your information for a small fee. There is no charge if you provide your own backup files to us.


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the concepts and terminology associated with the Internet, such as Internet hosting service, ISP’s, bandwidth, storage space, HTML, Linux, domains, SSL, payment processors – just to name a few? You’re not alone. We suggest you let us handle it for you! Contact NicheLabs, and we will work with you to determine exactly what website hosting and email services you need, and provide you with a custom quote for services. We want your website and your business to be a success, and we want to be part of your success. Call us today!

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